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Our education clients share a common ambition to create environments that inspire and nurture students. However, though their ultimate goal may be the same, their circumstances can vary. We employ specialists in schools, further and higher education, giving assurance that we fully understand client challenges and priorities.

Changing times demand a change in thinking

We offer advice on projects from master planning through to project delivery and managing building efficiency – saving money in the long term.

Our education specialists are well versed in adapting their thinking to the diverse funding and asset management plans of schools, further and higher education organisations.

Schools & Further Education

The education sector has to respond to changing demographics and growing populations, all with restricted resources. But while budgets are limited, the drive to increase educational standards continues.

We have a dedicated education team who advise on schools, academies, free schools, alternative provision, special and studio schools. We work with a diverse client base including central government, local government, educational charities and private sector clients on projects that are funded in a variety of ways. We have worked with hundreds of schools across the globe.

Many new education buildings don’t look like those built before. The projects we work on are innovative and imaginative. We’ve converted job centres and office blocks into schools; renovated roofs into recreational spaces; made cramped city centre sites a success. 

We work closely with clients to support the emphasis on learning rather than teaching. Often that involves harnessing the latest in technology to create information and communication technology rich environments.

Higher Education

In a globally competitive market, universities need to be at the top of their game. As student expectations continue to rise, leading-edge teaching facilities and high quality accommodation are becoming all the more important. 

Our higher education consultants work with clients to determine how best to use new and existing space. The best solutions do not necessarily need to be the most expensive. We work with your design team to produce unique refurbishment and new build solutions, whilst minimising the short term impact on day-to-day operations.

Our work in the sector includes working with a number of the world’s leading universities.

Managing stakeholder engagement

Our consultants help manage the stakeholder engagement that is crucial to the success of a project. By identifying and prioritising key drivers such as environmental standards or quality research facilities, they ensure everyone stays focused throughout the project and beyond.

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Andy King

Andy King
Director, Australia

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Globálny kontakt
Heather Makin

Heather Makin
Director, Higher & Further Education

Vieme, že dokážete dosiahnuť veľké veci, keď máte financie. Skutočná výzva prichádza vtedy, keď máte len trochu, ale potrebujete dosiahnuť veľa Beth Revell, Head of Schools
Prostredie vyššieho vzdelávania sa zmenilo. Pomôžeme vám zvýšiť úroveň vášho akademického priestoru, dokonale využiť zdroje financovania a tiež dosiahnuť ciele v oblasti znižovania zaťaženia životného prostredia. Heather Makin, Head of Further & Higher Education