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Our experience in Qatar

We provide tailored support to meet the needs of industry, from manufacturing and storage to distribution. Our expertise in ensuring efficiency in the construction process is matched by rigorous cost control and an ultimate reduction in the cost of manufacturing.

Programme certainty

We work on projects of all sizes and complexity, from small extensions through to major manufacturing plants and large distribution and return centres. We liaise closely with our clients to define and agree aims at the outset of every project, and then work with them to explore options, manage project delivery and provide programme certainty.

Our services include procurement strategy, commercial and contract advice, as well as tender preparation and post-contract cost and commercial advice.

Effective project management

We recognise the need to manage resources and assets effectively. We quickly understand your priorities and requirements, saving you precious time — and money.

We manage the supply chain using detailed benchmark-specific data, to improve efficiency and minimise waste throughout the project. Using transparent and fully auditable records, we help manage risk.

We also offer a stakeholder management service, allowing you to focus on your core business.

Cost-effective solutions

We help our clients find sites, as well as obtaining capital allowances, grants and funding. We integrate with your design team to help protect your project from fluctuating material and contracting costs, as well as reducing downtime. This means you can be sure of cost certainty and getting the best value for money from your space.

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Kamlesh Roochan

Kamlesh Roochan
Director, Qatar

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